November is Beautiful!

We are really thankful for warm weather this fall! What a blessing its been. Our animals have taken full advantage of the extended season. The dairy cows, sheep and beef cows are still enjoying some green pastures and the pigs and chickens have been able to stay outdoors a lot longer before they are put into warm winter housing.
We are a day away from finishing all crop harvesting. It has been a wonderful corn crop this year. Planting was late this spring and we were a little worried, but the fields have yielded well.

With the Holidays approaching I hope you are thinking about cooking up some great dishes in the next few months.
Although we do not have turkeys this year, we do have some other great product to add to your holiday meals.

Here is quick look at what is on hand:

  •  Organic, GMO free, Cornmeal

         Use it in your Thanksgiving stuffing. It makes wonderful Corn Bread!

  •  Eggs

 Doing any holiday baking? Don't be shy on egg orders! We have plenty on hand right now and would love to get them used up!

  •  Chickens

         We still have some left, but the supply is dwindling quickly.

  •  Pork

 There is a good selection: sliced deli ham, bulk pork sausage, breakfast links, pork chops, brats, boneless pork loins, fresh ham roasts and some bacon & cottage bacon.

  •  Beef

         Ground beef, steaks, stew meat, roasts, dried beef and jerky.

  • Lamb

          Leg of lamb roasts, ground lamb and a few kabobs.


There are lambs going to the butcher in December. Let us know if you would be interested in a half or a whole. It is a joy to have a variety of cuts- ground for meatballs, gyros and sandwiches, kebabs for stew or skewers, delectable roasts and my all time favorite... Lamb chops!  If you have never tried a half or whole, I dare you to! Because our sheep are a hair breed and raised fully on grass the flavor is very mild and nothing like store-bought lamb. There is no "wool" flavor. The chops take about 16 minutes to cook in a frying pan or under the broiler. You can have a perfect main dish in a snap.