Welcome to Seven W Farm

If you believe that Organic farming and Grass-fed meat is your way to be healthy you are in the right place.

We began raising pastured meat in 2005 because of the allergic reaction Dan experienced with chemicals. Chemicals were once a big element in our farming practices and we saw many health issues start to appear. Little did we know it would propel us to be totally organic by 2016.

Actually Dan's father,Ernie raised pigs on pasture a generation ago; our heritage we are proud of today.

We've alway believed that it was the best way to value the people and the land that God, our creator has given us. We continue to cherish these values.

 Our Iowa grass pastures grow lush, thriving forages which produce meat with top levels of nutrition.

Quick look around and enjoy visiting us.

The Dan Wilson Family Farm

who farm organically for you.



Your eggs are so good, I can really tell the difference from store-bought eggs! ----Jo Linn


Your eggs are the best-----Diane