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Grass-Finished Beef

Our Beef enjoy plenty of forage and have plenty of fresh air and sunshine. You can be confident they have no hormones or GMO's


Free Range Chicken

If you've not tasted Free-Range Chicken you are in for a treat.The flavor is rich as well as full of nutrition. The chicks spend 2 week in the brooder and then spent the rest on forage.


Grass-Fed Lamb

We raise two types of lambs. A traditional wool lamb that has nice lamb flavor and a hair sheep type which has more of a mild lamb flavor; similar to a beef flavor. Our lambs are born on pasture and finished on pasture giving them excellent flavor.


 Pasture-raised Pork

Our Pigs are special. If you’ve never tasted outside pork on grass you haven’t lived. It is so different. The flavor is much like the older traditional pork. A pig outside will convert sunshine to Vitamin D. I bet you didn’t know that.

Although our pork is not "certified organic" they do live on certified organic pastures.

Beautiful Brown Colors!

Beautiful Brown Colors!



Farm Fresh, Free Range Eggs:

If you have never had farm fresh eggs these will be like nothing you’ve had before. Our chickens get plenty of fresh air, bugs, grass and exercise. We want to give you real eggs full of color and taste. Eggs are available by the dozen.